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Tooth Pain Treatment Littleton CO

Tooth pain is a very common dental condition. The key is determining if the tooth pain is a serious issue or something that will go away quickly without the need for dental procedures. One of the ways to determine the severity of toothache is what caused your toothache. Some common causes include:
Shooting Pain | Columbine Creek Dentistry

How can you prevent severe tooth pain?

Good news! Preventing toothache is incredibly easy. All you must do is maintain a healthy dental hygiene routine. This includes proper brushing and flossing — at least twice-a-day — and attending your regularly scheduled dental checkups. If you do these two things, then you significantly decrease your chances for severe tooth pain.

What do I do if I have severe tooth pain?

If you are experiencing serious pain and/or pain over a very long period of time, or you are convinced you have a severe toothache, then contact your dentist immediately to schedule an appointment at your earliest convenience. Do not wait to fix your toothache.

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