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Shooting Pain Treatment Littleton CO

Shooting pain is a dental condition that almost everyone experiences. However, just like tooth pain, the key is to figure out whether the shooting pain you are experiencing is an underlying condition to something more serious, or if it will simply go away in a short while. Like a toothache, shooting pain can have numerous causes:

1. Constant, serious pressure on your teeth.

This occurs from nighttime grinding or repetitive clenching of your teeth. A simple fix could be a nightguard, which will prevent any unconscious damage to your teeth while you are sleeping.

2. Tooth decay or infections.

Anytime you experience pain in or on your teeth, there is a good chance you may be experiencing tooth decay or have a tooth infection. Call your dentist at your earliest convenience for an appointment. To prevent these issues, we recommend healthy dental hygiene practices; this includes maintaining regular dental checkups.

3. Tooth cracks or fractures.

As with most dental conditions, the effects of a tooth crack or fracture depend on the severity. If it is serious enough, a tooth crack or fracture could easily be the cause of the shooting pain you are experiencing. We recommend you schedule an appointment with your dentist to help determine the cause of your shooting pain so that a plan to resolve the pain can be made easily and accurately.

4. Damaged fillings.

While the most uncommon of causes for shooting pain, a damaged filling could still easily lead to pain, especially if a filling were to fall completely out. Call your dentist immediately to schedule an appointment as soon as possible.

If you are experiencing severe tooth pain that just won't go away, call your dentist immediately to schedule an appointment. If you have experienced a serious dental issue that is affecting your overall health -- such as the loss of a tooth or sudden blunt trauma -- contact medical officials right away.

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