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Facial Swelling Treatment Littleton CO

Facial swelling can be caused by many, many things, but the dental issues that may lead to facial swelling are easy to determine and relatively simple to resolve. The most common dental causes of facial swelling at tooth infections, a tooth abscess, or an infection of your gums or cheeks.

These issues are highly preventable and are typically caught early. Since these are all infections, they can be treated with antibiotics: preventing any need for a dental procedure. Should a procedure be needed, dental facial swelling can be resolved by a myriad of different solutions, such as a root canal, tooth extraction, or dental incision for problems like a tooth abscess.

Facial Swelling | Columbine Creek Dentistry

How can you prevent facial swelling?

These dental infections are all easily preventable, especially with proper dental hygiene. Along with regular dental checkups, and the avoidance of overly sugary foods, your oral health should be good enough to prevent any potential infections. However, if you do experience any facial swelling, contact medical services or your dentist as soon as possible.

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