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Broken Fillings

At Columbine Creek Dentistry, we help you with all your dental needs, even the rare ones like broken fillings. While uncommon, many causes that can lead to a broken filling, some of which include:

The most common cause of a broken filling is the eventual degradation of the seal between your tooth and filling. Over time, the seal may wear, and food or bacteria can work underneath your filling — leading to eventual breakage.
Broken Filling | Columbine Creek Dentistry

How can you prevent a broken filling?

The best way to prevent a broken filling is to attend regular dental checkups. These will allow your dentist to inspect your dental fillings to ensure they are staying strong and effective. For preventing a sudden breakage of your dental filling, we recommend night guards or mouth guards. A night guard can help prevent damage from nighttime teeth grinding (something that can do far more dental damage than a simple broken filling). Mouthguards offer excellent protection against sudden trauma; especially during high-contact events like sports.

What should I do if my dental filling breaks?

A broken filling is an easy fix, so do not stress. Call your dentist as soon as your filling is broken to schedule an appointment. Sometimes a filling can be reused if it is loose or undamaged, so the sooner the appointment, the better. Although, worst-case scenario, we put in a new filling. 

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