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Cosmetic Dentistry

White Fillings Littleton CO

White Fillings

When you need a tooth repair, you don’t want a reminder left on your teeth in the form of a metal filling. As part of our cosmetic dental treatments at Columbine Creek Dentistry, we have tooth colored composite fillings that blend into your smile. Composite resin can be used to fill cavities or replace metal fillings from previous dental work to give you a completely white smile.

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What are White Fillings used for?

Composite fillings are not just for filling cavities. This material can be used to repair cracks or chips in teeth while blending perfectly with your natural tooth color. It can also be used to make cosmetic repairs. Discolorations on teeth can be covered using composite fillings; teeth can be reshaped to fill gaps or other dental flaws. Most composite resin fillings or bonding can be done in one visit, making it a quick and affordable option to cosmetically enhance your smile.

What is White Resin?

There are many different types of dental composite resin available for fillings and bonding. Most contain plastics, glass and ceramics and are applied in a putty form to the teeth. Most require a special light to dry the resin into a hard material. Once hardened, the surface can be smoothed and polished so it matches the tooth. Composite resin is very durable and can last for many years when used in fillings and dental bonding.

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