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Cracked Tooth Treatment Littleton CO

Cracked teeth are one of the most common dental issues. However, they are also the most undiagnosed, as they can be incredibly hard to notice. Some unexpected symptoms of a cracked tooth are the following:

Cracked Tooth | Columbine Creek Dentistry

What are the common causes of cracked teeth?

Unfortunately, just like a toothache, there are many causes of cracked teeth. These are the most common:

While some of these are spontaneous events that are hard to prevent (like sudden trauma), there are many forms of prevention and restoration for cracked teeth. For starters, a mouthguard for sports and a nightguard while sleeping can help prevent sudden trauma or the grinding of teeth. We also recommend a healthy dental hygiene routine and attending regular dental checkups to ensure you have proper oral health. If you do experience a cracked tooth, there are many solutions. For starters, dental crownsveneers, and dental bonding can all conceal tooth cracks AND help prevent future damage. If a crack is too serious, we may recommend tooth extraction and subsequent replacement. Finally, a tooth crack could be the initial symptom of a dental infection. This would require a root canal.

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