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At Columbine Creek Dentistry, we specialize in the removal and treatment of dental abscesses. For abscesses not of the dental variety, contact medical professionals.

What is a dental abscess? What causes them?

A dental abscess is an infection at the base of your tooth that, if left untreated, can swell, and cause facial swelling and other serious issues. Like all other infections, a dental abscess is caused by bacteria. This bacteria manages to reach the end of your tooth’s root deep in your jawbone. Upon arrival, the bacteria creates a pocket of pus — causing an infection. However, a bacterium is only able to reach your tooth’s root through a dental cavity or cracked tooth.

While somewhat uncommon, a dental abscess has many possible treatments:

A dental abscess can only occur if bacteria enter your tooth via a cavity or cracked tooth. The best way to prevent a dental abscess is having proper dental hygiene and attending regular dental checkups to ensure proper oral health. We recommend brushing and flossing twice-a-day, and fluoride rinsing.

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