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General Dentistry

Cleanings & Check Ups Littleton CO

Cleanings & Check Ups

Preventing oral health problems is the best way to reduce dental costs and keep your smile healthy. Cleanings and checkups are the cornerstones of general dental care when combined with excellent oral hygiene at home. Columbine Creek Dentistry recommends regular cleanings and checkups to keep your smile looking great and to reduce the risk of serious oral health issues.

Checkups are part of our many general dentistry services. For the complete list, click here!

Are Cleanings Covered With Most Insurance?

The good news is preventive care is covered by most dental insurances plans, usually at 100% coverage. Taking advantage of cleanings and checkups covered by your insurance can help keep gum disease at bay and catch any small dental issues before they progress to larger oral health problems.

How Often Should You Come In For a Cleaning?

Even if you are meticulous in your oral hygiene, professional cleanings can remove plaque and tartar that hide in areas impossible to reach with daily brushing and flossing. We recommend that most of our patients come in at least twice a year for cleanings to protect their oral health and prevent gum disease.

Comprehensive Dental Exams

In addition to regular cleanings, dental exams help you maintain good oral health. Dr. Beau Haydon will carefully review your digital x-rays and examine your teeth and gums for any abnormalities. She will identify any decay, infection or damage to your teeth that needs repair during your comprehensive dental exam. Catching issues early can reduce the cost of treatment and prevent further dental issues. We will screen for oral cancers – most oral cancers are very treatable if caught in the early stages.

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