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The Perks of Wearing Invisalign in Littleton, CO

Grade-schoolers who have sets of colorful brackets in their mouths may look cute. But for those who are in their 20s or above, wearing braces is no longer appealing. Some adults even choose to ignore their crooked smiles than let themselves bear with the metal-made oral device. To aid this problem, dentistry introduced a much invisible type of orthodontic appliance: Invisalign clear aligners.

Invisalign had been treating smile misalignments for a lot of years now. The aligners became a popular teeth-straightening device for celebrities and even those who don’t find traditional braces attractive. But since they are clear, you might not see them present in the wearers’ mouths. Some of the notable TV personalities whom you might not know wear Invisalign trays are Justin Bieber, Oprah Winfrey, Khloe Kardashian, and the High School Musical star, Zac Efron. If you notice their smiles now, they are as perfect as ever.

Continue reading below to know how clear aligners can benefit you.

What Invisalign Can Offer

Comfy Orthodontic Appliance

You have no idea how many pokes and scratches braces-wearers usually experience due to the bunch of metals in their mouths. The metal components of braces are harsh enough for the soft tissues. Invisalign, on the other hand, is made out of smooth elastic thermoplastic which is gentle enough for the lips and cheeks.

Quick Treatment Time

The ability of the Invisalign aligner to straighten the patient’s smile in a year or less is what makes it more favorable than the traditional option. If you are a busy individual who does not have enough time to clean an orthodontic device regularly, you might find this particular feat of Invisalign useful.

Easy Cleaning

Invisalign will not give you a hard time cleaning your orthodontic device. The aligners are removable, so there is a lesser chance for the foods to cling around them. A simple rinsing and brushing are enough to maintain the clean appearance of the trays.

Invisalign undeniably changes the braces-game. It has a significant edge compared to the conventional type of braces in terms of comfortability and aesthetics. If you are ready to experience a discreet orthodontic treatment, see us at Columbine Creek Dentistry right away! We provide Invisalign for both adults and teens.

Experience the clear benefits of Invisalign in Littleton, CO to enrich your beautiful smile! Get in touch with our cosmetic dentist in Littleton for more information on Invisalign treatment.