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How Much Time Will It Take To Get Dentures After Removing Your Teeth?

Dentures are put in the mouth after tooth extraction. Many people are reluctant to commit to the entire process because it takes a lot more time. Permanent dentures cannot be put in the mouth immediately after tooth extraction. Before the dentures can be fitted, the oral tissues and gums must heal.

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How Much Time Will It Take To Get Dentures After Removing The Teeth?

Depending on the type, a patient may need to wait a certain amount before getting dentures. A patient’s custom-made dentures should fit three to six months after tooth extraction. The gum tissue has plenty of time to repair while you wait this long. This waiting period also ensures that the dentures will fit perfectly. During the waiting period, there is no need for concern regarding your gums. As the gum tissue heals, your dentist in Littleton will give you temporary immediate dentures. Once the tissues have fully recovered, your implant dentist will place the dentures in your mouth. After the tooth extraction, it typically takes six to eight weeks for dentures to be fitted. But every patient is different. Some people will need to wait for several months or more, while others just need to wait one month.

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