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Getting to Know More About Dental Bridges

A dental bridge is a type of dental restoration service that works to replace lost teeth like dentures and implants. However, since there are several options available nowadays, some people can’t help but feel confused when choosing the one that is best suited for their needs. So, for everyone to understand more about dental bridges, we at Columbine Creek Dentistry have answered some of the most common questions about the said procedure.

First thing first, what is a dental bridge?

It is a type of dental prosthesis that literally “bridges” the gaps in the jaw caused by tooth loss. A dental bridge is made up of dental crowns on both ends to serve as anchors and pontics (fake teeth) in between. The procedure is often referred to as a fixed partial denture since a dental bridge act as a partial denture but is bonded permanently on the adjacent teeth instead of being supported by wires.

What are dental bridges capable of?

Dental bridges can restore a patient’s smile, as well as their ability to speak and chew properly. It allows patients to distribute their bite forces evenly in the mouth since they don’t need to favor a particular area when chewing. By restoring lost teeth, the structures adjacent to the gaps can be stopped from drifting out of place. Doing so also preserves the shape of the patient’s face.

Does a dental bridge affect chewing and speech?

Losing teeth makes it more challenging for a person to eat and even speak. But by opting for dental bridges, patients can expect their normal abilities can be restored. However, they will need to stick to soft foods first as their mouth adjusts to the new oral appliance.

How long do bridges last?

If the patient observes proper oral hygiene and routine dental visits without fail, their dental bridge may last for 15 years or even longer.

How to look after the said dental prosthesis?

Patients may find it quite hard to floss underneath the pontics (fake teeth), but aside from this, there are no special processes performed in maintaining dental bridges. Besides, the dental hygienist and dentist can teach an effective way to floss.

Missing teeth shouldn’t keep you from enjoying life! We can restore your confidence in your smile using the best dental bridges in Littleton.