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Exposing the Facts Behind the Myths About Root Canal Therapy

Dentistry is not the most interesting thing for most patients, but if there is something that they like much less, it’s root canal treatment. Out of all the dental procedures being performed by the dentist, the said service is one of the most misunderstood. Probably because its name gives off a complicated vibe or due to the processes involved in the past.

At Columbine Creek Dentistry, patients should know that root canal treatments are being offered to alleviate pain and not cause it. If this is not enough to convince everyone to take advantage of the said service, even if the pain caused by a tooth infection is causing them sleepless nights, let us debunk those myths about the treatment. Read on below.

Myth: Root canal Therapy is one of the most painful dental procedures
Fact: Let us start off with the most common perception of the said service. This statement may be true in the past, but it is no longer the same nowadays. With the advancements in dentistry, there are medicines or devices to make the procedure bearable. But the truth is, it is the infection that is causing the pain and not the treatment itself.
Myth: Extraction is the better option than a root canal

Fact: Although removing the teeth may be a faster and cheaper option, it is not the ideal solution for tooth infection. Understand that it would not end after extracting the problem tooth; the patient would then need to consider a restoration option to avoid more problems in the long run. Plus, despite the improved field of restoration dentistry, nothing can still compare to real teeth. With a root canal procedure, the natural structure can be preserved, and the recurrence of infection can be avoided.

Myth: A root canal therapy is no longer necessary for a dead tooth

Fact: If the nerves inside the tooth are already dead, this does not mean that everything is over. The bacteria that compromised the tooth can still affect the surrounding structures. But by performing the root canal on a deceased tooth, the adjacent structures can be saved from infection.


Myth: Root canal is only necessary if there is pain involved

Fact: Patients should not treat pain as the determining factor to seek professional help. Some teeth may need treatment without any pain present. A patient might be surprised about the dentist recommending them for a root canal even if they did not suffer from any pain.

With these facts provided about root canal treatment, have you changed your mind and decided to give the procedure a go? Call or visit our dental office in Littleton, CO, to undergo Root Canal Therapy!