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Dental Conditions

Broken Fillings

The most common cause of a broken filling is the eventual degradation of the seal between your tooth and filling.

Swollen / Bleeding Gums

Swollen or bleeding gums are a very serious issue, as they could be signs of real oral health complications.

Facial Swelling

The most common dental causes of facial swelling at tooth infections, a tooth abscess, or an infection of your gums or cheeks.

Cracked Tooth

Cracked teeth are one of the most common dental issues. However, they are also the most undiagnosed.

Shooting Pain

Shooting pain is a dental condition that almost everyone experiences.Like a toothache, they can have numerous causes.

Tooth Pain

Tooth pain is a very common dental condition. One of the ways to determine the severity of toothache is what caused your toothache.


A dental abscess is an infection at the base of your tooth that can swell, and cause facial swelling and other serious issues.

Missing Teeth

Missing teeth are quite noticeable cosmetically, but they can also have a huge oral health impact if they are not replaced promptly.