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A Short Run Through on Root Canal Treatment

Root canal treatment is a popular procedure. People often feel anxious at the thought of this treatment because there isn’t much accurate information about it. Root canal treatment is the procedure of removing the dead or infected tooth pulp from inside the tooth. This process protects the tooth from future infections.

Did you know that “root canal” is actually a term used to describe the hollow section of the tooth that contains the pulp and nerve endings? The name for the dental procedure is supposedly “endodontic therapy.” However, root canal treatment has become the common term to use when talking about this procedure.

What is the process behind a root canal treatment?

Treatment begins with the removal of the nerve endings and the pulp in the root canal. Sedation is usually administered to make root canal treatments comfortable. The dentist will make a small hole on the surface of the tooth and carefully removed the tooth contents with small files. After the hollow area has been cleaned and decontaminated, the tooth will be filled with a rubber-like material. An adhesive cement will be used to seal off the hole and hollow part completely. The tooth will be weakened by the root canal procedure; thus, a crown or a filling will be added to ensure stability. Once a crown or filling is added in place, the tooth can be used normally again. 

Who needs a root canal treatment?

Once the pulp is diseased, it cannot regenerate itself and fix the problem. For those suffering from deep cavities, cracked tooth, and loose fillings, bacteria can penetrate the inner layers of the tooth. Once this happens, the bacteria will eventually ruin the tooth pulp and infect the bone. Without treatment, these conditions will progress into something worse and become dangerous for the people who have them.

You shouldn’t have to suffer from the pain caused by a damaged pulp. We offer Root Canal Therapy in Littleton, CO to eliminate your tooth pain.