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Why Do You Need An Emergency Dentist?

Dental emergencies can result in substantial pain, discomfort, swelling, and even more severe problems in the future. However, what constitutes a dental emergency? When should you seek immediate care from an emergency dentist, and when can you wait until your subsequent appointment? It’s crucial to differentiate between a minor dental emergency that may wait until the morning and a genuine emergency that could endanger your health. This blog contains all the information you need to know about dental emergencies.

What Does An Emergency Dentist Do?


Your dentist in Littleton needs to determine the issue before taking action. X-rays can help here. Sometimes the patient will be aware of the source of their discomfort, particularly if they have received treatment there. Other times, the patient will call and describe generalized pain without providing additional details regarding its cause. The dentist will look for warning signs like inflamed or infected gums, exposed nerves, broken teeth, or crowns falling off.

Pain Relief

Your emergency dentist in Littleton will do everything within their power to address the underlying source of that pain following an examination. However, it may take many hours for some necessary treatments, such as antibiotics, to start working. Because of this, administering in-office pain management is generally the first step. Even when you return home, it can be necessary to take painkillers. An injection into the affected area frequently provides quick relief. You can then take anti-inflammatory medications and antibiotics to reduce any existing infection.

Temporary Relief

While pain management may be possible during an emergency dental visit, this does not indicate that your emergency dentist can treat the problem entirely. Another visit might be necessary to address the underlying problem. However, your dentist can offer a solution to buy you some extra time and provide temporary relief.

Which Dental Emergencies Are Most Common?

Most patients seek relief from acute conditions or persistent pain when they resort to emergency dentistry. Here are a few such situations where this is required.

What Are The Treatments For Common Dental Emergencies?

The situation and damage determine the best course of action for a dental emergency. Your dentist may need to treat the infection and restore the tooth in many cases of severe toothache, which could involve:

Your dentist might need to do the following if your tooth has been fractured, knocked loose, or has fallen out completely:

Looking For an “Emergency Dentist Near Me”?

Patients can benefit significantly from emergency dentistry, just like other services. You will get the comfort and care you deserve, and the procedures are cost-effective. Booking your appointment beforehand is unnecessary, and you can get instant pain relief. Look for an emergency dentist near me or visit our office if you are looking for such services.