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Cracked Tooth Repair Littleton CO

Cracked Tooth Repair

Your teeth are incredibly strong, withstanding hundreds of pounds of pressure when you chew. They are covered by the toughest element in your body, enamel, to protect them from damage. However, teeth are not completely resistant to damage. Wear and tear or trauma can cause cracked or chipped teeth that need professional repair. When you have tooth damage, come see our experts at Columbine Creek Dentistry for general dental care.

Once Your Tooth Is Cracked

When the exterior of a tooth is damaged, a domino effect of issues can follow. Once the enamel is cracked, the softer, more vulnerable tooth material is exposed. Bacteria and decay can attack the interior of your tooth, leading to severe tooth infections or deep decay. Repairing a cracked or damaged tooth right away can prevent further complications that may require root canal therapy or even tooth extraction.

Repairs to Damaged Teeth

Repairing a broken or damaged tooth can be accomplished through:

Repairing a broken or damaged tooth can be accomplished through fillings, bonding, dental crowns or other treatments. The method used depends on the extent of the damage. A severely cracked tooth may need a dental crown placed over the tooth for protection. Smaller cracks may be fixed with bonding, fillings or inlays, depending on the size and location. Almost all tooth damage can be fixed if you come to us right away when you discover that your tooth is cracked or chipped.

How To Know If Your Tooth Is Cracked

Most tooth damage is noticeable, even painful. However, you can have a cracked tooth and not even know it is there. Eventually, the crack will cause sensitivity or pain, but in the meantime, your tooth could be in jeopardy of decay and infection. Coming in for regular checkups can catch these small cracks in teeth so you can get them repaired before they cause serious oral health problems.

Fixing cracked teeth is part of our many general dentistry services. For more, click here!

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