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Differences Between Oral Conscious Sedation And Nitrous Oxide Sedation

You may be wondering what the greatest Littleton sedation dentistry choice is for you. Oral conscious sedation and nitrous oxide sedation (laughing gas) are two of the most frequent forms of sedation. Both are available at Columbine Creek Dentistry in Littleton, CO. What’s the difference? Do you prefer one choice over a different one? What’s the best option for you? Let’s investigate these topics today and evaluate the differences between oral conscious sedation vs. nitrous oxide sedation.

Method of Delivery

In the first place, providing sedation is a lot different. Our dentists in Littleton, CO, will drape a comfortable mask over your nose for nitrous oxide. If everything goes as planned, the mask will be inhaled with exactly calibrated amounts of nitrogen and oxygen. As soon as you take a breath, the sedative begins to work. Oral sedation involves a tablet that you’ll take before your session. When the pill is broken down, anti-anxiety medication enters your body.

The Level Of Suspension

Oral conscious sedation delivers a “heavier” level of drowsiness than nitrous oxide. You won’t be tired or hazy, and you won’t forget what happened throughout the treatment. On the other hand, you’ll be more calm, euphoric (happy), and more at ease in the dentist’s chair. In addition, nitrous oxide reduces the sensation of pain and suffering. In contrast, the effects of oral sedation are much more profound. You may feel tired and weary during the process and nod off. Even if you fall asleep, you’ll be able to be awakened and react to directions. Anterograde amnesia, in which you forget most of your appointment, is also prevalent. Oral conscious sedation is the best option when it comes to dental treatments such as tooth extractions and dental implants.

Consequences Of the treatment

After approximately 5 minutes, the nitric oxide wears off entirely, allowing you to drive home and resume your daily routine. These symptoms, such as a headache or nausea, are temporary and will go away independently. Oral sedation lasts for 4-6 hours on average, with some effects lasting up to 24 hours after administration. Getting to and from our office in Littleton, CO, will need a ride from a friend or family member. You should avoid returning to work or school until after your appointment is over. It has more severe adverse effects, including headaches, disorientation, nausea and vomiting, and dry mouth, which are more common.

Medical Care Fees

Patients on a tight budget but still want to relax during dental procedures might benefit from nitrous gas, a simple and inexpensive sedation technique available at most dental practices. Oral sedation is usually not required for basic treatments like fillings or dental cleanings. However, we may still give it if requested.

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