We Can’t Contain Our Excitement About Invisalign

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Littleton CO OrthodontistWe’re so filled with excitement about Invisalign that we feel like we’re about to pop! The similes we could use to describe our feelings about Invisalign are limitless. Here are a few samples for your reading pleasure:

“Invisalign is as snuggly as a cute puppy.”

“Invisalign is like a little black dress, it goes with EVERYTHING!”

“Invisalign functions like a well-oiled machine…. precision!”

Sorry about those fun comparisons, it’s just that we think that Invisalign is a great way for our patients to achieve that brilliantly straight smile without the use of metal braces. We get a little gitty!

Three reasons Invisalign might be for you!

  1. Invisalign custom-fitted clear aligner trays fit your mouth perfectly. When it is designed just for you, it wraps around every nook and cranny of your mouth landscape and feels natural and secure.
  2. Invisalign really does go with every piece of clothing in your wardrobe and accessory in your jewelry box. Invisalign is virtually unnoticeable so go ahead and wear whatever you’d like and it will not clash…just like that little black dress in your closet.
  3. Invisalign results speak for themselves. It can be used to correct overcrowding, cross bites, gapped teeth, overbite and misalignment.

Come visit Dr. Kantor at Columbine Creek Dentistry today! You can discover why we are excited about offering you, and all of our patients who are eligible, with the revolutionary treatment of Invisalign. If you’re experiencing smile dissatisfaction, call and book your appointment with Dr. Kantor today.

Posted on Behalf of Columbine Creek Dentistry

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