How To Avoid A Cracked Tooth

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Littleton CO DentistAt Columbine Creek Dentistry, we offer cracked tooth repair. A cracked tooth does not happen often, due to the strong nature of your tooth. However, when it does happen, you need to see Dr. Kantor at Columbine Creek Dentistry right away so you can avoid additional problems related to your cracked tooth.

There are common reasons for a cracked tooth. Some happen by accident, and are unavoidable. However, many times they can be avoided through proper care, protection, and regular checkups.

  • Wear protective mouth guards when playing sports or doing activities that can cause harm to your teeth. Accidents, such as a blow or ball to the mouth are very commons causes of a cracked tooth.
  • Discontinue your habit of chewing hard objects such as pencils, ice, nuts or hard candy.
  • If you know you grind or clench your teeth at night, consider wearing a mouth guard to help prevent a cracked tooth due to these stress related habits.

If you do experience a cracked tooth you may not be aware that the crack is there. Sometimes it is hard to determine if you have a cracked tooth. Deciding which tooth actually hurts can be a problem as well. Cracks are sometimes invisible to the eye and may not even show up on an x-ray. At times you won’t even feel any pain or sensitivity at all.

During your regular checkup Dr. Kantor can determine if you have a cracked tooth. Be sure to tell her if you’re experiencing any type of pain in your mouth. She can diagnose and treat your cracked tooth. Call and book your appointment today.

Posted on Behalf of Columbine Creek Dentistry

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