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Littleton CO Dental Care for ChildrenColumbine Creek would like to wish all mothers a Happy Mother’s Day on May 14th. We know your job as a mom is your top priority. We know it’s a big job raising your family, and ensuring everyone is on the right track to health and happiness.

If you’re a new mom, or just had another baby, your baby’s baby teeth are so important to their growth and health. Often we get asked the question about how important are the baby teeth because they all end of falling out eventually anyway. The answer to that question is that they are very important, and here’s why.

  • Baby teeth hold open space for permanent teeth to come in. If a baby tooth comes out too early, it may result in shifting of teeth into the now vacant spot. When the adult tooth comes in, there may not be room for it to grow in properly. It may emerge crooked or in the wrong place.
  • Baby teeth enable your child to speak and eat properly. Many sounds are formed using the paired help of the tongue and teeth. If teeth are not present in the formative speech years, impediments could form. Teeth are also important for being able to chew the wide range of healthy foods your child needs. The lack of proper teeth in place could result in an inability to properly chew and digest certain foods.
  • Decay can start in your baby’s mouth as soon as teeth begin appearing. 

Book your baby’s appointment with us at Columbine Creek Dentistry as soon as their first tooth appears, and no later than the first birthday.

Posted on Behalf of Columbine Creek Dentistry

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