Dental Implants-Making You Feel More Secure

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Littleton CO Restorative DentistryMissing teeth can lead to a sense of insecurity, emotionally and physically. Nobody likes to have a hole in their dental landscape when they smile. The idea of having to hide your smile or conceal yourself from photos or social situations, can make you lose your sense of emotional security. On the other hand, having something in your mouth that covers that hole that is not securely fastened, can also cause a great deal of physical discomfort and insecurity.

Dental implants help solve your lack of security in two ways. First of all, they can help you feel more secure in your appearance. Dental implants provide a solution to your missing teeth by being a natural looking choice. No attention is ever drawn to your replacement teeth because they look so natural. You will never hear anyone look at your teeth, notice that one is different, and comment, “Hey, I love your dental implant!” That’s because they are designed to look as natural as possible. The crowns attached to the implants are specifically custom made for you!

Dental implants also feel more secure. Implants are placed in, and fuse with, the jawbone to form a lasting bond that maintains and helps preserve bone density in the same manner as healthy, natural teeth. Other options rest on top of the gum line and can make you look and feel older than you are. Dental implants offer you the confidence to speak and eat without fear of embarrassing slips or clicking sounds.

Dr. Kantor, at Columbine Creek Dentistry, would love to discuss all of your dental implant needs with you. She would love to help you feel more secure about all of your dental needs.

Posted on Behalf of Columbine Creek Dentistry

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