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Littleton CO Invisalign DentistAre you ready to finally take the plunge and get rid of your crooked teeth? Did you know there are options available to you other than braces? Braces have been around since the 1970s when numerous breakthrough techniques were discovered. Dental adhesives were placed on the surface of the teeth where the brackets could be stuck directly to the teeth. Stainless steel braces made the patients and dentists happy because it reduced the cost of braces and dentists found it was extremely flexible and easy to manipulate. Around the year 2000, an invisible option became available and now Invisalign is the most popular invisible alignment on the market.

Invisalign is a custom-made series of clear aligners that are created specifically for you and your need in achieving straight teeth. The aligner trays are made of smooth, comfortable and virtually invisible plastic that you wear over your teeth. Unlike braces, no metal is ever used.

The reason you may want to choose Invisalign is due to the fact that it is an easily manageable process. There are no metal brackets to attach, and no wires to tighten. All you need to do is pop in a new set of aligners approximately every two weeks, until your treatment is complete. The process provides very little interference in your regular lifestyle and appearance.

Invisalign can be useful to you in treating a variety of dental needs. If you are experiencing a misaligned upper and lower jaw you can expect great results with your cross bite. By fixing this problem it can help prevent wear on the insides of your teeth. It can also help with an overly crowded mouth, if there is not enough room within your jaw for all of your teeth to fit normally. Patients with gapped teeth have seen great results in helping resolve their spacing issues. Invisalign can help with an overbite as well.

Come see Dr. Kantor at Columbine Creek Dentistry to discuss if Invisalign might be right for you.

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